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The Forklift - App

Access your machines anytime and anywhere 24/7!

The brand new Forklift app is now available for iOS and Android devices. Searching for machines and dealers has never been faster or easier with the new mobile app, available in the App Store and Google Play!

Manage your stock easily!


Receive enquiries for your machines and adjust your own listings for more visibility.


Send detailed PDF data sheets & offers through the app to anyone you need.

Add machines

Update your stock as it arrives, take photos, add details, and publish any machine with full technical specs in less than 2 minutes


Fulfil the need of any customer by accessing the online market right from your phone.


Streamline your used equipment business, by putting everything you need to run your business effectively in your pocket.


You will find exactly what you need, with access to thousands of machines right at your fingertips.


How can i use the app as a sales tool?

Our Forklift App is the #1 tool to turbocharge your sales:
  • Access your used stock anytime and anywhere
  • Create and send appealing offers or PDF datasheets within seconds
  • Always find the right machine. You don’t have an appropriate machine in stock? Choose from more than 100.000 offers and present your customers a machine perfectly tailored to their needs!
  • Simplify your machine management. Register new machines including photos within two minutes and add them to your stock!
  • Sell faster! Enquiries for your machines go directly to your app where you can answer straight away from your smartphone!
Forklift App

How do i create an offer with the forklift app?

You know the problem: Offers are often needed at times when you are not sitting directly in front of a PC.
With the help of the Forklift app, you can create an offer within seconds, even when you are out and about.
The offer automatically includes all machine details and your company / contact details.
It’s that easy:
  1. Navigate to the device that you want to offer.
  2. Click on the publish icon
  3. Select “Create offer”
  4. Enter the potential buyer’s contact details
  5. Click on “Done”

How and when do i use the "seller view"?

In the case of a customer presentation with the Forklift app, it can be an advantage if you do not display dealer prices or internal prices.

In order to only display end customer prices, you can activate the “seller view” in your Forklift app.

And this is how it works:
  1. Navigate to any machine
  2. At the top, click the three-dot menu
  3. Activate the seller view

How can i personalize offers for individual employees?

Forklift offers you the possibility to personalize offers and contact details for your respective sales representative.

By creating a sub-user in your main account, you generate an account that is personalized for your colleague and that has its own access. Both in the app and on the website. Offers created by this user are now filled in with their contact details!

You can also use this method to specify individual contact persons for rental / end customer / dealer inquiries.
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How can i add machines with the app?

The Forklift app is the fastest way to bring your machines online!

Record your machines with the app on arrival or purchase. This not only saves time, it is also extremely convenient!

It’s that easy:
  • Navigate to the “+ New Machine” area
  • Select your category
  • Enter all basic specifications
  • Add pictures via camera or gallery
  • Fill in important details such as price, condition and model directly
  • After you click on “Save”, your device will appear in your inventory
Machines added via the app can of course still be edited on the desktop PC at a later point in time


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