Forklift Photo Guide

Forklift Photo Guide

The eye helps to make the decision:
Good photography increases demand!

Meaningful photos of your forklifts, industrial trucks and warehouse technology will invite more visitors (and potential buyers) – as proven by experience: Listings with high quality photos get approx. 22% more clicks on average. Therefore, take advantage of this opportunity and make the best possible use of your photo contingent!

7 Rules for sales-boosting product photos

Tip: The Forklift App guides you easily and quickly through the creation of your advertisement including photo.

Selling glance by glance: 7 photo perspectives your buyers expect

The first impression is essential! Therefore, it is crucial that your equipment can be seen well from all sides. Advertisements with bad photos or no photos at all do not attract prospective clients. Many good photos and complete, clear information on the other hand create trust and increase the willingness to buy. The good news: You are in charge of making your advertisements as significant as possible. A perfect basis to enter directly into the sales pitch, as you save yourself and potential buyers the need for any questions.
These perspectives should be included in your advertisements:
7 forklift perspectives

Visual hits - your gallery photo makes the difference

The first photo, also known as “gallery photo” is immediately available on the results page and will be noticed first. The user already decides at this point if he/she will click on your advertisement or not. Careful selection of your gallery photos therefore pays off.
Tip: Replace your photos after approx. 4 weeks. Ideal: Right at the start, take pictures of various views (e.g. lift mast, tires, attachments). Then you have alternative photos ready at any time.

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