Tilgang plattformer

These Types exist:

Trailer montert

The trailer mounted lifts platforms are characterized mainly by their light weight and compact dimensions. For materials which can be very light then it is often the decisive advantage. They are also suited for narrow passages. The average working height for a trailed platform is between 12 and 25 metres. They are the cheapest alternative to truck mounted work platforms.

Articulating Boom

Articulated boom lifts are platforms designed with a telescopic technology. They are available with a steel chain and a rubber track undercarriage in their landing gear. Boom lifts with steel chains chassis are perfect for working on difficult surface or uneven terrain. The platform is protected with rubber tracks and has an undercarriage very low to the ground making them ideal for use on lawns or delicate flooring. Both models have a very large lateral height and reach. The maximum height can be up to 36 metres.

Truck Mounted Platform

Truck mounted platforms are the most powerful platforms solutions. The platform is located right in the bed arm. They can be driven around and can reach the work site quickly. The height of these models can go up to 84 metres – they also stand out by their large truck outreach.

Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are an ideal alternative to the more expensive stands and climbers especially when working on walls and ceilings. In addition, scissor lifts are flexible and can be fully loaded and run at working height from one point to another. These platforms can be used indoors as well as outdoors and have a maximum working height of between 6-22 metres. The platform provides enough space for material, loads and workers. Scissor lifts have a high load capacity of up to 900 kgs. No support is necessary for this model.

Vertikal / personløftere

Personnel lifts can be used in small space with the vertical lifting height up to 16 metres. Vertical lifts are often referred to as ‘personal-lifts’ because they raise the worker just like an elevator. The platform can be easily operated and controlled from the working height. Personnel lifts are often used as an efficient alternative to conventional ladders and scaffolds.

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